I'm addicted to...

Hi ! 
What I'm addicted to recently is going to eat Breakfast early in the morning! 
It may be a habit that is not so familiar in Japan.

There are many shops in New York and the UK that open in Japan, so I often go to such shops.

I really like the time go to eat breakfast because I can get up early and have a fulfilling day.

Tomorrow morning I will go to bills for breakfast with my friends

I can't wait

Good Night ~



Hi,I'm Nana

It's already November ... Christmas mode as soon as Halloween is over lol

I love Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort!
This year it has been held since November 8th and I'm going to go to it with friends

If you come to Tokyo, please go to Tokyo Disney Resort Christmas event!


Trick or ...?

Hi! Today is Halloween! 

Do you dress up or party? 
I wore a costume that my friend bought! 
But I'm embarrassed and can't go up here lol

Today is 8pm work so let's enjoy Halloween night together


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